Monday, 27 February 2012

Perc Tucker

Perc Tucker is the regional Gallery of North Queensland, housed in a  beautiful two-storey colonial building with surrounding wide verandas and containing large galleries. The syndicate show was held downstairs and the whole gallery team led by Manager Francis Thompson did a great job of making the exhibition look good. This was the first time where the works were shown across two adjacent spaces but the considered placement of the works ensured the show hung together well. The syndicate Exhibition made up the centrepiece of an event called ‘Xtrata Go Figure’ that included other artists, such as Sally Smart and small scale sculptor Zygmunt Libucha making up a whole program around the ‘Human Figure’.
In part of the gallery next to my work there were some interventions done by schoolchildren that in fact worked really well. Drawings, cloth collages and a big jig saw puzzle of the Syndicate poster image.
The opening was great and well attended. Jak Henson the Exhibitions Manager was particularly helpful with promoting the exhibition and a artist in her own right(Exhibiting in last years "Strand Ephemera").In fact the whole team were great and made me very welcome.
I had the good fortune of meeting Tate Adams, a senior artist, printmaker originally from Ireland, he moved to Australia, initially  Melbourne, teaching exhibiting and running the ‘The Crossley Gallery  He later established with his ex student George Baldessin, ‘Lyrebird Press’, publishing Artists Books he then moved up to Townsville.
 Tate’s continues to be extraordinary vital artist that continues to produce beautiful large scale black Gouaches (on display at Perc Tucker with my work.), as well as  the short runs of artists books including Jan Sensberg and John Brack.
I had some great meals together with Tate and Frances, especially entertained by Tate’s stories of art making over his art practise over 60 plus years.
Thanks to the generosity and professionalism of the Director and her team, the beautiful town with its great climate, I found myself feeling I could spend a much longer time there.
The public talks had a great response from the general public including the local schools, local artists and the TAFE’ so did I quite a few talks there.

p.s.Check out “Xstrata Percival Portrait Award” On the 4th of May.

Friday, 3 February 2012

The Syndicate at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery is located in one of Townsville's finest heritage buildings, on the corner of Denham and Flinders Streets, in the city centre.

The Syndicate was the major component of Go Figure! the Xstrata Kids and Teens Exhibition

Showing 3 February until 8 April 2012