Friday, 3 February 2012

The Syndicate at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery is located in one of Townsville's finest heritage buildings, on the corner of Denham and Flinders Streets, in the city centre.

The Syndicate was the major component of Go Figure! the Xstrata Kids and Teens Exhibition

Showing 3 February until 8 April 2012

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  1. Nice sculpture on the invitation but me and my anatomy students were wondering why there is not a penis on the "wheelchair" man? Is this simply emasculation of the dis(eased)abled prototypical form as decided by the Nazi Party in 1936 or, as Paul says in Romans, seeking to redress an imbalance by considering the theology of the resurrected body. The eschatlolgical revivification of the mortal bodies of believers will be the completion of the process of their conformity to Christ in his death and resurrection, the One who is the icon of resurrected somatic existence. The resurrection of believers in their bodies will also be the vindication of their cause as the suffering children of God. For now, the indwelling Spirit in individual believers empowers them to live according to the righteousness they have received, giving them hope that God will complete in them what he has already accomplished in Christ's bodily resurrection which would presumably make the penis redundant? or was it just a little too embarrassing to take a life cast of that bit...?